• Leigh Ann Carey

    Politics and Culture Writer

    "Inside the Growing World of Queer Truckers"

    Rolling Stone

    "When the Media Fails
    LGBTQ Candidates"

    Columbia Journalism Review

    "Flat Out Screaming Revolution"


    "Why Boycotting Red States Hampers Equality"


    "How to Win With
    Identity Politics"

    The Establishment

    "Queer Life in Trump Country: Q/A with Dr. Samantha Allen, author of Real Queer America"

    Queerest Election Ever

    "Meet the Armed, Anti-Racist Rednecks Taking on White Supremacy"

    The Establishment

    "Raise Hell and Eat
    Cornbread, Comrades!"


    "A Moment Made for Misfits"

    Campaigns & Elections Magazine

  • I'm gay enough but definitely not electable.

    How people make meaning in their lives is a longtime fascination of mine. So writing features and analysis pieces on culture, politics, identities, and religious belief comes naturally. I excel at surfacing stories that add texture and depth, and even challenge what we think we know.

    Prior to running headlong into the burning building that is The Media, I led online strategy efforts for campaigns around the country through Brave Creations, an agency I founded. I completed a masters in religious studies from Georgetown University writing a 114 page thesis on interfaith politics in the South later earning a certificate in strategic communications from the University of Washington. I hold a BA in Political Science from Campbell University in Buies Creek. Go Hoyas, Huskies, and Camels!


    I live with my wife in Cary, North Carolina. Yes, we are the Careys in Cary, which we find absurdly amusing, with our pup Theodora, who is absurdly amusing in a different way.

  • I should tweet more probably.

  • To talk story ideas or business opportunities:

    Politics and culture cover LOTS. Here's further specificity as to what I avidly read, research, and write about:

    • Electoral Politics (particularly QBIPOC candidates)
    • North Carolina Politics
    • Country/Folk Music (particularly QBIPOC Artists)
    • Movement Strategies
    • Internet Culture
    • Identity Politics
    • Interesting Subcultures
    • Class, Labor, and Workforce Issues

    Text/call: 206.900.4418
    Email: the.leigh.carey@gmail.com